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Jobs Description

Miami Hair World Inc.

Export Sales Manager Needed

Location : US Hollywood,FL

Minimum Education : Bachelors

Job Type : Full Time

Export Sales Manager-Establish link, communicate, negociate contracts with wholesale and retail clients in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for sales and distribution of hair, wigs and other related beauty products. Build and develop relations with old and new customers, open new accounts, develop new marketing methods, participate in trade Expos, expand and promote sales using knowledge of and experience in the MENA region. Arrange shipping, storage, performance bonds, letters of credit, using knowledge of international banking and international trade procedures and regulations. Analyze costs, expenditures, shipping, routing, storage, packing, customs, taxes, licensing, insurance, unloading regulations and restrictions per international treaties and implement most efficient methods. Bachelor's Business Administration and 2 years experience required. 40 hrs week. Send resumes by email to :

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