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Rio Hair

We are a subdivision of Miami Hair World Inc.
We have been in the human hair business since 1997,
located in South Florida , specialized in top quality hair products.

We have started as a medium-sized hair products distribution company and with consistent high quality and great service standards we are now a worldwide wholesaler of human hair weaves and extensions and wigs. We ship throughout the 50 states, Canada, the Caribbean islands, South America, Europe, Africa.

We simply look for the best raw human hair material collected from human donors in Asia and South America to use in the making of our hair pieces. RIO Virgin Human Hair can be found in chosen beauty supply stores all over the USA.

Why Rio Hair ?

RIO specializes in Virgin Human Hair products. This is the Authentic Brazilian Remy Hair Bundles, Untouched, Unprocessed and is still Virgin Raw Hair with its original natural color. Hair material used to make the Rio hair pack is collected from female hair donors, washed, conditioned, weaved and styled only, never steamed or chemically processed. Strong and healthy hair strands that is made specially to take hair bleach, color dye, heat, perm and any kind of salon abuse.

Our Brazilian Virgin bundles are made of top quality 12A Plus Plus Remy human hair that still have all its cuticles intact and preserved so that the hair lasts longer without any tangling. Guaranteed not to shed or tangle. its made to last on the head as long as well maintained.

RIO Hair is guaranteed not to dissolve in high bleach lightening formula, its strong core is able to absorb bleach and break out original dark color pigments to turn into blonde and all desired light colors. Rio is just the perfect choice to be used for Ombre and highlighted looks.

Unlike other hair brands, Our 12A hair pieces are full from the bottom and our bundle multipack sets have at least 270 grams of hair that is more than enough to give you the volumized full look for one head.

We are among the very rare selective hair producers that guarantee the hair quality and guarantee the satisfaction of our end users. Thus, all beauty supply stores and hair resellers feel confident promoting and recommending RIO to all customers.

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